• The Weightlessness Process

    A Remote Mind-Body Peak Performance Program
    by Tom Fazio

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  • The Weightlessness Process

    Weightlessness is a paradigm shifting change process that uniquely integrates four key pillars—nutrition, strength, flexibility, and meditation—to liberate you of burdens, both mental and physical, and help you achieve personal breakthrough in life.


    Progress is measured and programs prescribed along key metrics designed to develop body and mind and introduce you to your strongest self. Philosophy and larger life questions are central to this process.


    This process is not easy. But it is meaningful.


    Each phase of the program (4 weeks each) is accompanied by an immersive community experience designed to test your edges and spark personal growth, including fasting, standing meditation, and cold exposure.


    Phase 1

    Body Transformation

    Nutrition for detoxification, body composition, and performance. Strength and conditioning progressions for a lean, strong physique.


    Phase 2

    Mind-Body Integration

    In-depth study of meditative principles and studying structural integration for deeper mind-body connection.


    Phase 3

    Peak Performance

    & Self Mastery

    Performance principles that unlock deeper physiological adaptations, and an introduction to Lightness.

  • Weightlessness - It's about the other 23...


    This is a comprehensive coaching process that integrates practical science and philosophy, a systematic approach to mind-body development, and prescriptive mind-body workouts that acknowledge your personal strengths and weaknesses.



  • Weightlessness Alumni Say...

    Rich R.

    This is about taking yourself really seriously - in life. This process reveals areas in your life that aren’t stellar, and it’ll make you want to go after those. It was wild, everything started to improve, in less time, with more concentrated effort. If you’re really serious about making gains and committing to it, this is a different game. It’s a game of integrity, a game of rigor, a game of discipline, and if you want that edge in life then do Weightlessness.

    Rebekah L.

    It's hard to put into words the profound impact that the pursuit and practice of Weightlessness has had on me. The holistic approach - developing body, mind, and spirit in parallel - yields a fundamental shift in both performance and perspective. The tools and skills of Weightlessness make me stronger, better, and edgier, but at the same time bring peace and freedom at a level I never experienced before. I am still learning...still growing...but I believe that through the pursuit of Weightlessness I am discovering my best self.


    "The novice resits. The master floats." - Weightlessness

    James E.

    This is unlike anything I’ve ever done before - possibly the most intense thing I’ve ever been through. My own abilities have change completely, my understanding of my own ability has changed completely. I’ve had to face failure in ways I’ve never had to do before, and I understand what a barrier now means to me. It’s not something I can never get past, it’s something I can find a way through.

  • What You Get

    And who you get it with.

    Your Coach

    Don't listen to anything this guy says.

    Scratch that. Do everything this guy says. Most people plateau with the magnitude of noise in the market today. Tom will cut to the essence of what you need most, when you need it most. You just need to execute.

    Your Process

    Burdens are real. Heaviness is a choice.

    While life can get heavy, Weightlessness provides a whole new tool kit to help you transcend those burdens and navigate the unknown. Your process is personalized to meet your key mind-body strengths & gaps. 

    Your Tribe

    No-one changes alone.

    You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Do you have the tribe that will walk with you into the next phase of your life - a tribe with focus, with edge, and with real support?

  • Original Weightlessness

    Study Material

    Over six hours of Weightlessness video content and accompanying PDF's that delve into the science and application of key mind-body tools and principles. We explore the philosophy, physiology, biomechanics, and progressive system of Weightlessness.

    7 Group Coaching Calls

    Bi-weekly, 1.5 hour-long group calls designed to dissect and integrate the content you're digesting at home into your personal program and larger life context. At it's core, Weightlessness is not about that hour in the gym, it's about the other 23. These coaching calls help translate general theory into practical life tools. All programs include a private coaching call with Tom in the first two weeks to maximize program design to your needs.

    An Awesome Curriculum

    ...that dissects the complex domain of mind-body development and leaves you with a new paradigm for personal growth. As you study theory, you'll be living the principles daily as they're progressively integrated into your personal prescription.

    Meaningful Mind-Body Metrics, Assessments & Custom Workout Prescriptions

    Learn and practice the most essential tools for transforming the body, unburdening and focusing the mind, and becoming weightless through custom mind-body prescriptions that highlight and balance your personal strengths and weakness. Two custom prescriptions are designed per program based on your performance metrics and personal targets.

    Designated Chat Group for the Tribe

    Community support, questions and feedback ongoing, with regular updates from Tom, and prompt replies to help you understand and assimilate all information as quickly as possible. You're not alone in the depths of your transformation - you've got a tribe in the trenches with you!

    Supplementary Videos for Deeper Context

    Videos curated to supplement the primary curriculum explore science, philosophy, and training methods that underly effect personal growth and shed light on the complexity of mind-body development.

  • More Process Testimonials

    Elodie K.

    I've never felt more anchored and grounded, and if I find that starting to slip I know how to get back there. The more I practice Weightlessness the faster I'm able to rebalance myself. Considering all the things I tried before this program to reach that first milestone - which did not work - it's a great achievement for me to finally be autonomous. The program has allowed me to clearly see what's inside me, and gain greater awareness of my thoughts and actions.


    I've begun to understand how mind and body work together and I discovered the power of having a concentrated mind. I've learned that I'm far from reaching the limit of this ability, but concentration alone - not to mention all the other facets of training - is improving all other facets of life. It enhances the experience of everything, and allows me take control of my life in an authentic way. I'm also more aware of the behavior of others without judging them, and am at peace with the decisions I make. Weightlessness is a lifestyle with endless possibilities!

    Jonas R.

    2018 was the most challenging year of my life, but I finished it with as much enthusiasm as when I started. Mid year I feared that for the first time in my life I would need to give up my dreams and find immediate work just to pay the bills.


    I learned from the Weightlessness process to keep confident, and everyday went out to work even when I didn’t have anything to do. I repeated the process from training - persevere, stay focused, remain strong, breathe, and improve myself! Shortly after the program life dramatically improved with a new business (and new partners) and a new baby boy - both successes. Without this mind-body structure staying the course would not have been possible, mainly because my personal life had become so complicated so quickly.

    Eryn D.

    I just had one of those 'life-punching-you-in-the-face' weeks and employed many of the tools in the Weightlessness tool kit. I'm very grateful for having it, thank you! Choosing not to harbor anger or attachment to certain thoughts is very liberating. I can again see the direct connection to having the physical strength and flexibility (mental and physical) to deal with shit in such a healthy way. I'm also doing my best to pass this on to my daughter.

  • Your Personal Commitment

    Twelve Week Program: February 2nd—April 26th

    • Three to four one-hour solo training sessions per week.
    • One to two hours per week of content viewing/prep.
    • Dietary & lifestyle changes.

    Next Program Launch: August 18th

    Registration Opens July 20th

    Registration Cut-off: January 15th.

    Preparatory Content Comes January 16th.





    Remote Group Call Schedule:

    Sundays at 6pm Vietnam Time on Dates:

    February: 2nd | 16th

    March: 1st | 15th | 29th

    April: 12th | 26th

  • Inquiries & Applications

    This program is not for everybody, but it is for those ready and willing to work for significant personal breakthroughs in life. Don't be afraid to reach out if you've got questions regarding the program.


    Email exchange or consultation call is available to see if the program is a good fit on both sides—with no obligation.


    Please let me know what brought you here, any questions or concerns, and how you're looking to grow.

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