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    Unburden Your Mind,
    Be... Weightless

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    ...to complete the circle, to optimize your performance across key mind-body pillars, to be...weightless.

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  • The Weightlessness Process

    A Mind-Body Peak Performance Program
    by Tom Fazio

    Weightlessness is a paradigm shifting growth process that uniquely integrates four key pillars — nutrition, strength, flexibility, and meditation — to liberate you of burdens, both mental and physical, and help you activate a sense of passion and freedom (weightlessness) in life.


    Progress is measured and programs prescribed along key metrics designed to develop body and mind and introduce you to your strongest self. Philosophy and larger life questions are central to this process and integrated throughout.


    This process is not easy. But it is meaningful.

    Why Weightlessness

    Program Overview


    Perhaps you've hit that diet and started to exercise... and regressed again and again.

    Perhaps you took up meditation... but the mental chatter and anxiety returned in full force.

    Perhaps you've been hesitant to initiate change... because nothing seems to get to the core of the problem.


    You know there's more in you, you just need the right process that hits all key facets.

    Lets unleash it together!


    What You Get:

    • You Own the Knowledge
    • You Own the Process
    • You Get the Results
    What Changes:
    • You Discover Space in This Moment to Change
    • You See a Different Version of Yourself in the Mirror
    • You Stop Getting in Your Own Way
    • You Feel a Power and Focus That Stems From a Unified Mind-Body
    • You Learn to Increase Energy, and Combat Stress
    • You Reframe Food, Stress, and Breathing
    • You Find Purpose Born From New-Found Potential 
  • The Process Curriculum

    What You Can Expect

  • PHASE 1: Body Transformation

    Foundations of Health and Performance

    Weeks 1 & 2 | Weightless Nutrition

    ...for Health, Body Composition, & Performance


    Our journey begins with a set of minimalistic filters for nutrition – filters that capitalize on first principles that dictate health, lean body mass, and peak mind-body performance. You'll learn a simple, results-based, progressive model for self-regulation, progressing from detoxification to athletic performance to effortless and sustainable 'weightless' maintenance.

    Weeks 3 & 4 | Personal Resilience & Stress-Adaptation

    Structure, Leverage, and 5 Vector Theory


    Physical training is the laboratory where we study and cultivate our resilience to stress across all domains in life. We'll learn governing principles of physical transformation and the key, indispensable tools for structure and stability in the body... those which build resilience in the body, and fortitude in the mind.

  • PHASE 2: Mind-Body Integration

    From Constituent Parts to Unified Whole

    Weeks 5 & 6 | The Mind is Alive in the Body

    Balance, Tensegrity, and Flexibility


    Here we uncover the nature of balance in body, and with it, the mind. We understand how the body is an extension of the mind, and the critical role symmetry, flexibility, and balance in the body leads to increased energy, health, and mental calm.

    Weeks 7 & 8 | How We Change... and WHEN is Weightlessness?

    Concentration, Awareness, Identity and the Habitual Mind


    Here we look at the science and philosophy of meditation, and explore key tools and metrics for concentration and awareness that allow for the engineering of meditative moments. We'll discuss neural plasticity, and it's far reaching application in the game of personal transformation and growth.

  • PHASE 3: Peak Performance

    Where Mind-Body Cultivation Levels-Up the Game of Life 

    Weeks 9 & 10 | The Healer Within

    Qigong – Healing & Power Theory


    In this chapter we'll deep dive into the relevance of concentration and breath work for the cultivation and manipulation of energy within the body. Avoiding the vast expanse of woo-woo metaphysics, we'll look at the biology of energy creation and its implications for healing and physical power.

    Weeks 11 & 12 | Returning to the Source

    Intro to Lightness | Tapping Your Deepest Potential


    While we'll introduce Lightness Theory at this stage, with its respective pillars of performance and protocol based programming, we'll explore deeper principles and hidden potentials within advanced practices that can be owned by all of us at all times. The master within is but a breath away.

  • Each phase of the program (4 weeks each) is accompanied by an immersive community experience designed to test your edges and spark personal growth, including fasting, standing meditation, and cold exposure.

  • What You Get

    Your Coach

    Don't listen to anything this guy says.

    Scratch that. Do everything this guy says. Most people plateau with the magnitude of noise in the market today. Your coach helps cut to the essence of what you need most, when you need it most. You just need to execute.

    Your Process

    Burdens are real. Heaviness is a choice.

    While life can get heavy, Weightlessness provides a whole new toolkit to help you transcend those burdens and navigate the unknown. Your process is personalized to meet your key mind-body strengths & gaps.

    Your Tribe

    No one changes alone.

    You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Do you have the tribe that will walk with you into the next phase of your life - a tribe with focus, with grit, and with real support?

  • Original Weightlessness

    Study Material

    Over six hours of original Weightlessness video content and supplementary PDF's that delve into the science and application of key mind-body tools and principles. We explore the philosophy, physiology, neurology, and progressive system of Weightlessness.

    7 Group Coaching Calls

    Bi-weekly, 1 to 1.5 hour-long group calls designed to dissect and integrate the content you're digesting at home into your personal program and larger life context. At it's core, Weightlessness is not about that hour in the gym, it's about the other 23. These coaching calls help translate general theory into practical life tools. All programs include a private coaching call with Tom in the first two weeks to maximize program design to your needs.

    An Awesome Curriculum

    ...that dissects the complex domain of mind-body development and leaves you with a new paradigm for personal growth. As you study theory, you'll be living the principles daily as they're progressively integrated into your personal prescription. See above for the curriculum breakdown.

    Meaningful Mind-Body Metrics, Assessments & Custom Workout Prescriptions

    Learn and practice the most essential tools for transforming the body, unburdening and focusing the mind, and becoming weightless, through custom mind-body prescriptions that highlight and balance your personal strengths and weakness. Two custom prescriptions are designed per program based on your performance metrics and personal targets.

    Designated Chat Group for the Tribe

    Community support, questions and feedback ongoing, with regular updates from Tom, and prompt replies to help you understand and assimilate all information as quickly as possible. You're not alone in the depths of your transformation - you've got a gangster tribe in the trenches with you!

    Supplementary Videos for Deeper Context

    Videos curated to supplement the primary curriculum explore science, philosophy, and training methods that underly personal growth and shed light on the complexity of mind-body development.

  • See More Testimonials HERE

    Your Commitment

    Twelve Week Program: February 2nd—April 26th

    • Three to four one-hour solo training sessions per week.
    • One to two hours per week of content viewing/prep.
    • Dietary & lifestyle changes.

    Next Program Launch: February 2nd

    Registration Opens Jan 1st

    Registration Cut-off: January 15th.

    Preparatory Content Comes January 16th.

    Your Investment




    Remote Group Call Schedule:

    Sundays at 6pm Vietnam Time on Dates:

    February: 2nd | 16th

    March: 1st | 15th | 29th

    April: 12th | 26th

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    I'm not too fit, will I be able to make it through?

    This program is highly customized to your personal level of performance, so physically, you'll be challenged but not overwhelmed. That said, the single biggest issue that arises isn't one of technical difficulty, but one of personal accountability and prioritization. Those who fail to complete the program almost always underestimate the challenge of showing up to 'self' week after week, especially after the excitement of a new program wears off. That's also where the deep transformation occurs.

    How 'sciency' is the program?

    Sciency enough :) We cover enough science within each module to make sense of governing principles of transformation within each pillar, which themselves make sense of the key tools and metrics within Weightlessness.

    How much time should I invest to get the most out of the Weightlessness Process?

    Depending on your performance level (to be assessed), you should consider a minimus time commitment of 3 to 4 hours a week of training, one hour of content study every two weeks, and a group coaching call every other Sunday. This is an extremely efficient process, but... you will get out of it what you put in. If you've got more time (to invest in yourself!), you'll be able to take awyy more.

    I've had no movement training, is this program appropriate for me?

    Extensive training isn't a necessary prerequisite, but foundational movements like pushing and squatting should be familiar. We will do some technique analysis along the way, but someone without any experience squatting will have a hard time learning quickly without manual correction.

    I'm an experienced athlete, will this cater to my level?

    Certainly. Everyone in the program, whole going through the process together, is executive their own personalized prescription addressing their specific needs. While everyone has certain strengths, I have yet to have someone enter the program with all three pillars balanced at an advanced level upon entering the program. Often, to improve performance, developing lagging and balancing performance across the board is far more effective than looking for marginal gains in your preferred pillar (strength, flexibility, meditation).

    If I know some of the themes/topics in this program, will I still get something out of it?

    I consistently hear from trainees that 'I knew this, but... not like this." While we do cover several 'pop' topics, integration and holistic performance is a whole new beast. This program is about being, not just knowing. Many have entered the program with an understanding of mindfulness, yet struggle with stress, anxiety, and incessant mental chatter. That's like reading a book on riding a bicycle and assuming you can ride a bicycle. The value of a process like this is taking on a framework of implementation, and receiving direct feedback on personal performance.

    What if something comes up? Or I get busy? Or injured training?

    At it's core, this program is about how you show up in life. While I don't advocate rebuilding a ship while out at sea, sometimes life shits in your tacos, and you gotta play the hand you're dealt. This is not a fitness program, which is to say, your willingness to show has much more to do with your priorities, than it does your physical state from one day to the next.

    What if I miss a call (or several)?

    Calls are recorded and shared for those who miss them. That said, some misunderstand the premise of our calls, which is not merely to relay information, but to help you – YOU PERSONALLY – with the implementation of tools and principles of training in your own process and life. Sometimes things come up, we understand that. But I'd highly recommend scheduling and prioritizing all calls, because that's where knowers become doers.

    What if I'm on the fence?

    Then this program ain't for you. Still love ya though.

    Important Note:

    This is a non-refundable program – and this is important – for two reasons that are worth considering, regardless of whether you enter into it:

    • One MUST have skin in the game when it comes to personal growth. If nothing is at stake, there are no consequences to quitting on yourself. The training will get hard. The self reflection will be confronting. You gotta keep going. 
    • This is not a fitness program, so fatigue, personal conflicts, or aches, pains, and tweaks, while speaking to one pillar of your development, don't speak to the whole process. This is about how you show up in life. About how you deal with volatility. Can't squat today? Can you stretch? Still no? Can you breathe? Yes? Perfect. Then we breathe. We show up!
  • Your Cost:

    $1450 for the 3 Month Process


    Inquiries & Applications

    Thank you for your interest in The Weightlessness Process!

    This program is not for everybody, but it is for those ready and willing to work for significant personal breakthroughs in life.

    Don't be afraid to reach out if you've got questions regarding the program.


    Email exchange or consultation call is available to see if the program is a good fit on both sides — with no obligation.


    Please let me know what brought you here, any questions or concerns, and how you're looking to grow.

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