"This is the grand paradox of Weightlessness:

    We must add weight to unburden."


    —The Essence of Lightness—

    by Tom Fazio

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  • The Weightless Trilogy

    Mind-Body Transformation | Peak Performance & Self Mastery | Life Design

    by Tom Fazio.

    In Pursuit of Weightlessness

    The origin story and philosophy of Weightlessness

    A Rogue Trainer's Secrets to Transforming the Body, Unburdening the Mind, and Living a Passion-Filled Life.

    Amazon Page: In Pursuit of Weightlessness!

    The Essence of Lightness

    A Roadmap to Peak Performance and Self-Mastery

    One Part Fiction to Two Parts Non-Fiction, This Hybrid Work Contains the System and Philosophy of Weightlessness!

    Amazon Page: The Essence of Lightness!

    Law of the Die

    Can Good Luck Be Designed?

    A Novel About Embracing Randomness to Crush Personal Obstacles and Generate Momentum in Life.

    Amazon Page: Law of the Die!


  • The Weightlessness Process

    A Mind-Body Peak Performance Program by Tom Fazio
    Body Transformation | Mind Body Integration | Self Mastery

    Transform Your Body.

    Unburden Your Mind.

    Be Weightless.


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    The Weightlessness Process

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  • Here Now Breathe | A Children's Book

    A short story that introduces mindfulness meditation to children.

    Here Now Breathe is a story about the challenges we all face, big or small, and a reminder that the secret to being strong and weightless in life is already within us.


    Amazon Page Link: Here Now Breathe

    The inspiration behind the story: Here Now Blog Post 

  • Weightlessness Tribers

    Testimonials by Weightlessness Veterans | See More Within The Weightlessness Process Details.

    Amena S.

    Innovation Consultant

    As a long-time student of mind-body practices, this is hands down the smartest system I’ve come across. Tom cuts out all the dogma, all the excess, all the fluff, and elegantly weaves together a philosophy and protocol that will train you in deep, essential ways. The training itself tested my levels of commitment, fortitude, and adaptability; and the self-study made me a better, more present thinker. If you’re looking for some next level shit to invest in yourself, look no further. I’ve even parked yoga and done Weightlessness programs five times — it IS my yoga and a new way of approaching life. Weightlessness is the future of mind-body peak performance.

    Michael P.

    Venture Builder

    As an entrepreneur I have learned that nothing happens when you're comfortable and at ease. I believe that most, if not all great leaps forward are forged in turmoil. With Weightlessness training I have never seen faster fitness results and certainly never been challenged as much. Tom's approach is devoid of hot air and six-minute abs nonsense. He goes well beyond the pure basics of mind and body fitness. He aims not only to restore mental and physical health and balance, but also to lay a foundation for awesome living by top-tuning your most precious resources. The pursuit of Weightlessness is by far the most meaningful conviction I have come across in my life.

  • Weightlessness

    We Train Hard. We Breathe Slow. We Integrate. But...


    It's Not About That Grueling Hour in the Gym...

    It's About the Other 23

  • Why Weightlessness Training?

    Weightlessness is a means specifically designed to meet an end. It's designed for those of us who feel that merely getting by in life isn't enough. For those of us who want to experience today without the burdens of physical heaviness and lethargy, and the mental burdens of stress, anger, and fear, a method that manufactures a weightless today and an awesome tomorrow is necessary. Weightlessness training is designed to unburden us of all that holds us back in life, and empower us to live with power and grace.

    The Process

    The Weightlessness process is multifaceted and, regardless of format, contains layers of depth. All programs implement the Weightlessness spectrum - a framework for weighing, assessing, and prescribing an appropriate degree of work along three key pillars; strength and conditioning, flexibility, and meditation. This customized process is accompanied by a deeper curriculum that dissects key tools and principles, from stress adaptation to neural plasticity, that inform best practices according to biological facts. The third layer of training is philosophical and reflexive in nature, illuminating the ways in which we approach change, commitment, relationships, and life at large. This is a process that truly reveals who we are, but also shines a light on who we can become.

  • About Weightlessness

    About the Training Method and the Founder

    What is Weightlessness?

    Transform Your Body, Unburden Your Mind, Perform at Your Best

    Weightlessness is a mind-body integration and peak performance system designed to prepare you to face uncertainties in life with power and grace. Weightlessness is a minimalistic, yet comprehensive system of personal development that uniquely provides prescriptive and personalized solutions that address individual differences. This is not merely another mind-body practice. This is preparation for life.

    About Tom Fazio

    Founder of Weightlessness

    Tom Fazio is a martial artist, a peak performance coach, and the founder of the mind-body integration system Weightlessness. He first discovered Weightlessness for himself in the summer of 2003 while living in the jungle of Phangan Island, Thailand. He's spent the last 15 years innovating, trialing and testing the principles and methodology of Weightlessness with leaders and wellness enthusiasts in Shanghai China, and around the world. Learn more about Tom at www.tomfaziotraining.com

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