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    Coaching – and this is important – is not training.

    It's a personal process where you align two minds, interests, and experiences to solve the problem of the one. If "I want to lose weight... but don't judge my life choices" is you, then this definitely ain't for you.


    This process, if taken on with full commitment and conscientious practice, will open you up. It'll dig up old shit, uncover blind spots, a lay a new foundation for awesome living. But a temple cannot be built on a weak foundation, and if history, personal bias, or negative habits and patterns are preventing you from accessing that next level 'awesome' in life, we have to look at them.


    Now, while that paints a sober picture of the realities of focused training, let's look at the upside. You're entering a process tried and tested by leaders, athletes, and personal growth enthusiasts worldwide that does deliver. You're going through the process with a beast of a transformation coach who's got your back. And the mission is awesome...


    ...To build the version of you that you know is hidden under your outer shell - the one with sharp eyes, a still mind, and a body built to perform.


    Are you weightless?


    Coaching Packages Include:

    • A consultation call - alignment on KPI's and direction
    • A nutrition plan (if needed... and notice it's not a 'meal plan') 
    • A perfomance assessment
    • A custom training prescription
    • 3 additional coaching calls 
    • Text support as needed – with frequent check-ins, video technique assessments, etc.
    • Recommendations for relevant resources as needed (books, videos, tutorials)
    • Add additional coaching calls – $200 per


  • How It Works



    A short chat to test the waters, and see if we're a good fit. This is not a coaching call, so I don't charge for it, but no-shows and last minute cancels are a clear no-go that won't be rescheduled.


    Pay Online

    If we're a good fit, we can settle payment for the package selected.


    Begin Your Process

    Based on our first consultation and your current performance metrics we'll set a course for the duration of the package.

  • Weightlessness Coaching

  • Dice Mentorship

    This ain't your grandma's method of personal breakthrough...
    All methods, roadmaps, and models of success have one fatal flaw – assumptive bias. They oversimplify the conditions of our environments responsible for success and upward mobility in life, conditions that are largely circumstantial, if not entirely random. Options in life level the playing field, capitalizing on the potential thoughts and actions of multitudes and bypassing personal biases that limit you in the course of daily decision making.
    What if the difference between you and a Steve Jobs, a Warren Buffet, a... name your inspirational role model, is not in fact a difference of knowledge or insight. What if it's a byproduct of good luck – being in the right place at the right time, meeting the right people, walking down a different road?
    Doing what you do has gotten you where you are. Imagine what's possible when 'being you,' with all your thoughts, habits, and preferences, is no longer a limitation, but your greatest asset.

    This is a structured process designed to:
    • uncover habitual patterns of thought and action
    • refine filters for progressive risk taking
    • methodically increase exposure to new options
    ...thereby creating new opportunities and generating momentum in life.
    The die is law...
    For a further expounding on the rational behind this method, have a look at Reflections of a Diceman - The Law of the Die Nonfiction Appendix.

    Custom Packages Available... Let me Know Your Ideas!

    Important Note: These are non-refundable packages – and this is important – for two reasons that are worth considering, regardless of whether you enter into it:

    • One MUST have skin in the game when it comes to personal growth. If nothing is at stake, there are no consequences to quitting on yourself. The training will get hard. The self reflection will be confronting. You gotta keep going. 
    • This is not a fitness program, so fatigue, personal conflicts, or aches, pains, and tweaks, while speaking to one pillar of your development, don't speak to the whole process. This is about how you show up in life. About how you deal with volatility. Can't squat today? Can you stretch? Still no? Can you breathe? Yes? Perfect. Then we breathe. We show up!
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