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    Note: This is a super secret special page, designed just for you to get a little more fudge on your banana sundae of life-changing content.

    You won't be able to access this page again from the website, only from the original email link. So get you some while you can.


    With each successive read may your enlightenment compound and birth terrifying brainchildren.

    Weightlessness Manifesto

    This self-contained manifesto holds a chapter placement in Part 4 of In Pursuit of Weightlessness, but stands alone as an excellent, beautifully illustrated reference for essential mind-body practices. It isn't meant to replace the method expounded upon in Weightlessness and Lightness, but is an excellent resource for that bird's eye view.

    Lightness Companion

    This companion is meant to accompany The Essence of Lightness. It contains some of the graphics, key principles, exercise recommendations and training resources to get your started on your Weightlessness journey. If you haven't purchased The Essence of Lightness yet, your life is truly incomplete. But I still love you.

    Reflections of a Diceman

    This is the nonfiction appendix to Law of the Die. If you haven't yet gotten a copy of Law of the Die, there are indeed angels plucking out their wings. While appendices are generally the fecal matter of content creation, this one is not. It's fucking awesome. And it'll make you believe.

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