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That Thing We Call Passion

Where it's gone...and how to get it back.

Sooo….after the last few posts you’re likely expecting a new insight and a new tool. The wonderful thing about this week’s secret is that if you’ve taken on our small exercises and challenges thus far, than you already know it!
Within Weightlessness doctrine (is that a thing yet?) we have a paradox encased in something I refer to as the Tao of Weightlessness. This paradox looks at our natural need and desire to both extract quality from this moment (i.e. that chocolate cake looks delicious…maybe just one bite) and to have an awesome tomorrow (I’d like that six pack…oh, and a million bucks). The problem is that while both are reasonable, they’re at cross-purposes with each other.

For me to make that million I need discipline. And with that, I must sacrifice momentary pleasures today. But I also want that quality, pleasurable moment right now, though it’s unlikely to help me establish the foundation needed for an awesome future. Occasionally we find some people who are fortunate enough to marry these two, but its rare.

So, if we acknowledge that we’re likely to live for years to come and therefore ought to prepare for those years if we don’t want to suffer. And if we also acknowledge that this very moment is all that’s really real. Then it makes a great deal of sense for us to both maximize our capacity to appreciate the here and now - to be aware and present to novelty in life - as well as prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow.
Weightlessness addresses this dichotomy with a two-pronged approach. It adds targeted stressors, i.e. intensive physical conditioning (your squats and pushups are a starter kit) which build capacity and resilience in the body. This capacity is both felt in daily energy and general health, as well as programmed on a cellular level to combat disease, repair tissue faster, and convert energy more efficiently. It fuels that conditioning and recovery with real, nourishing food. This is your security for a bright future.
Weightlessness Training also, through targeted meditation tools, cultivates sensitivity to the flavors and colors of life. One dear client and friend once noticed after an enlightening experience on one of Shanghai’s subways with its frenetic activity, curious odors, and motley crew, that meditation is a flavor enhancer. It amplifies the content of experience, and brings an authenticity to life that makes everything feel brand new.

If you’ve applied your concise training protocol from the post on body transformation, and your slow breathing technique for mindfulness meditation, then you’ve set your foundation for a passion-filled life. A life where you're more resilient to stress, more adaptable, and more emotionally and physically healthy. A life that is alive with novelty, and not burdened by the heaviness of egocentric judgment.

So, the secret to a passion-filled life really lies in secrets 1 and 2 combined. It lies in taking on targeted stressors that make you more resilient to stress and hardship. And it lies in non-attachment to random, meaningless stressors. You must train…forever. You must breathe…forever. Your sword and shield.

But for the next 10 seconds, stop reading. Sit straight. Breathe into your abdomen, and notice the details right in front of you. Feel what you feel. See what you see. Don’t judge. Be. Here. Now. Your life depends on it.

Be weightless!

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