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Don't Give Up!

Those things you do that work...Do those. You don't always need more!

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Don’t Give Up!
Ok, this one gets me. This isn’t an issue for everyone, but it is for many…enough to warrant a post.
It’s not uncommon for me to finish a 100 day remote Weightlessness program and on day 100 get asked, “So what should I do going forward?”
Um…Don’t give up?!!! You know all that stuff we just did for the last three months? Yup, do that…forever! This is only the beginning!
Just to be clear, I do get it. It’s not an issue with the trainees; it’s an issue with the industry. The health & wellness and fitness industries frame training like your dessert of the week instead of life tools that last forever.
If I can reach just one of you who may not see this difference clearly than this post will be worth it!
When you are doing meaningful things you can’t stop doing them and still expect positive (or the same) results. That’s as equally true in work, love, money management, and golf as it is in fitness and mind-body training.
And yet here we have a disconnect.
Imagine for a moment you just finished an immersive experience with each of the above - a golf coach, a money manager, your boss. You’ve been through a process that taught you the rules of the game as well as best practices and you’ve seen improvements in performance. Perhaps you’ve even learned the principles that underlie the tools, so that you’re able to rework or reformat your own path a bit. What should you do going forward?
Well…do that! Keep doing it! Do those very things. And don’t give up!
I’m not suggesting we don’t make improvements and seek optimizations, but I am saying that if you’re not identifying prime movers – if you’re not learning to hit your 7-iron from everywhere on the course – you’re never going to be competent in that domain, and with that, never going to feel confident in your health and fitness game.
The fitness industry today is fraudulent in this sense; peddling training options like they are new film releases you've got to check out or risk feeling like you're not in-the-know. You don’t need the varieties suggested. You don’t need to ‘diet’. You don’t need new workouts and exercises that target new body parts every week.

You do need to move, eat, and breathe right...the way us humans do.
You might want the variety, and that’s just fine. But what you need is to cover the essence, to focus on the bare minimum of things that work - that ALWAYS work - because you’re human, and that’s what humans do to build muscle, burn fat, bend, move better, and release the mind of burdens.
If you’re not yet sure what those ‘essentials’ are…give me a shout!
And if you do - Don't give up! Do those...forever.
Be weightless!
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