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Seeing the World Anew with This Simple Breathing Hack

And an Awesome Breathing Technique for Mindfulness Meditation

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The secret to unburdening the mind and seeing the world's not easy, but it is simple. With this incredible breathing technique you'll find mindfulness meditation far easier to access.

Quite a tall order you might say, but once we uncover the essence here, you’ll see just as you did with the simple training regime in the last email, that while the path to unburdening isn’t easy, it is rather simple in principle.

When ‘The Jesus’, the bowling rival of ‘The Dude’ in the Big Labowski approached with a string of profanity, claiming at their next bowling match ‘we’re gonna f*ck you up’, the Dude, in all his nonchalant dudeness calmly replied, “Ya? Well, that’s just like you’re opinion, man.”

In that moment, Jesus represented that random, if not regular stressor in life. That affront to our sense of control and comfort in the world. The Dude, as enlightened as he is, doesn't stand up and wave a gun around like his cohort Walter a week later. No, The Dude understood that perspective is something altogether different than reality, and its something we have control over.

To embrace the solution, we must first thoroughly understand the problem. Most problems and discomforts in life (barring any deeply serious health concerns) have more to do with our perspectives - that is, our desire for certain outcomes - than they do the events themselves. Our identities become very well constructed over time, and our egos become attached to a wide range of desires and beliefs.
Many people try to address their problems by studying the pain point...fights with a spouse, fear at work, self doubt . But the route of meditation is different. It doesn’t concern itself with the pain point, but the origin of all pain - our attachment to certain outcomes.

We need to remind ourselves that, well, that’s just like our opinion, man, and there may be other ways of seeing the world, viewing certain problems, and empathizing with people we care about. The conflict we feel inside of us is just there, inside of us. It isn’t externally generated.

Slowing down in life to notice the details, to taste your food, to listen and see and feel, if even for a few moments, is a way of silencing the ego and therefore transcending your burdens in life. Breathing and being aware of your breath is the age old conduit for that awareness of environment and awareness of self. And while the practice of mindfulness does take time and guidance at first, I have a hack for you.

One of the key meditation metrics I use within all of my remote Weightlessness Programs is ‘slow breathing.’ It’s a brilliantly simple, mechanical way to access a state of heightened awareness and mind-body connection. And its very simple (though not easy).
After executing your workout from the last email, give yourself an extra 10 to 15 minutes where you don’t have to do anything or be anywhere. Give yourself time and space to simply be where you are.

After letting your pulse calm down a bit, you can sit in a chair or cross legged on the floor (making sure your back is straight and unsupported). Then you’ll breathe as slowly as possible into your lower lungs, invisioning that air and energy within it traveling all the way down to the lower abdomen (not filling the upper chest). Once you have fully inhaled, really fully, you begin a slow, controlled exhale, until the last drop is expunged.

This is dificult at first and may trigger a slight gasping/drowning reflect that will dissipate soon. But you’ll want to focus on releasing tension throughout the body in order to control the breath - relaxing the face, relaxing the shoulders, and making the breaths slow and continuous.

An intermediate level is 10 continuous slow breaths (in and out is 1 breath) lasting 5 minutes or more (inhale length should equal exhale length as well!). A great level is 10 breaths in 10 minutes or more. Every added minute means less tension in the mind and body, greater oxygen uptake and utilization, and magically, far greater time, space, and stillness in the mind.
Over time you’ll start to notice space in life, between common triggers and stressors, and your personal response (your opinion, man) to them. There is space there to change, to become your best self.
I hope this insight is helpful. After a week or two let me know it’s impact for you, for although its simple, it has proven to be profoundly impactful.

Next post we’ll discuss the secret to living a passion-filled life!

Be weightless!

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