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How to Get Unstuck and Gain Momentum in Life

On Becoming the Hydra

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Stasis in life occurs at equilibrium (or worse, decline), when thrust (options in life) and drag (personal obstacles) are perceptually balanced. This could be, as the equation implies, resolved through a perspective shift, or an increase in buoyancy (weightlessness), which reduces the impact of drag (obstacles) and increases sensitivity to opportunity. That part of this equation is largely dissected in The Essence of Lightness.

As per the other part of this equation – obstacles and opportunities – we must understand what it means to become the Hydra.

The hydra, mythological creature with many heads, that regrows two in place of one should it be cut off, is a terrifying enemy. Not just because it’s a man-eating super freak, but because it gets stronger the more it gets hurt. Perhaps this is the mindset we need right now. Only rather than stand across from a creature that evolves faster than we can, we become that creature ourselves. We set options at play that, should one alone fail to materialize desired outcome, its evisceration only clears the field so that more, better, faster options take its place.

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