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Be a Risk-Taker, but...NOT the Stupid Kind

How to Take Smarter Risks in Life

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Problem: Not everyone learns from their mistakes (and the mistakes of others).

Aaaannnnddd... this is why mind-body training should precede life-tinkering. Self- awareness and sensitivity to circumstance are critical for learning from mistakes and discovering opportunity. Without them, I see two potentially catastrophic risks: taking on risks so large that one mistake leads to death (legit death) or destruction (in business or relationships); and repeating mistakes that stall or sabotage progress.

Everyone is familiar with Edison’s quote that he didn’t fail, he just learned a thousand ways not to make a lightbulb. This is a phenomenal orientation toward the pursuit of progress, but it neglects to identify the ever-present risk of repeating the actions, processes, or habits that are themselves responsible for stagnation. One must, if attempting anything that exceeds current understanding or skill, be self-reflective throughout. For we can never assume that because we want something, it will be received. Or that because we’re trying hard, then even stupid methods will reap positive rewards.

As a general rule, based on the case studies in the video, the conscientious dice-person will play a majority of low-risk options and avoid those of great risk without a counterbalance of extraordinary skill and experience. Put yourself in positions that allow you to survive and learn, whether you succeed or fail. The better you get at creating personal filters that increase the rate of learning (by removing irrelevant options over time), the faster you’ll create a portfolio of options that tap into the momentum game.

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