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The Burdens that Feed Us

· reduce burdens,reduce liabilities,mental freedom,weightlessness,hardship

At the core of Weightlessness is the idea that living an awesome, weightless life has more to do with being free of things that hold us back than accumulating things that bring us pleasure. Simple in principle, not so easy to execute.

A challenge within is that not all things that stress us (in a biological sense, not merely emotional sense - including exercise) are created equal. Some stressors are both necessary and positive for personal growth. Others are necessary and unavoidable because they fall within a larger context of meaningful life choices. And some are accidental, meaningless, and should be reduced.

Some of the stressors that build us, that we should choose to carry:

-Mind-body practices and deep work
-Responsibility for loved ones
-Accountability and support groups

And those we carry that hold us down:

-Financial liabilities
-Toxic relationships
-Fears and self-doubt
-Grudges and Hate
-Exessive body weight, stiffness, or poor health

Burdens (and the stressors therein) should be audited regularly so we can reaffirm the things in life that give it meaning, and reduce the ones that serve no purpose and add no value but hardship for the sake of hardship.

When the former exceeds the latter, weightlessness manifests.

Be weightless.

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