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I Meditate and All... but What if My Life Sucks?

Addressing the External Side of the Weightlessness Equation

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In matters of uncertainty or stagnation in life, there are three well known approaches. One: you quit, and likely get depressed and defeated, giving the boulder credence over your mental outlook and effort. Two: you fake it till you make it, deluding yourself into thinking that mind is truly over matter, and that there is no boulder, no fixed reality that the mind cannot bend to your will. This is the approach of a handful of astronomically successful outliers as well as those populating the vast graveyard of failed, unlucky go-getters. Three: you face reality with shoulders tall and eyes fixed, reorienting yourself, molding your mind-body against the challenge of the boulder until you become it’s equal, until it loses power over you. This is Camus’s challenge. This is the proposition of Weightlessness.

And now, your fourth: you face the void naked and alone, and you roll the goddamned dice. More. Faster. Harder – exposing yourself to options directly related to the problem at hand until fate bends to your will.

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Tom Fazio

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