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A Simple One-Week, Mind-Body Challenge

How to Get Started...or Balance Out What You've Already Got

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Today comes with a challenge...

Most of us gravitate toward our stronger assets (mind or body), and we neglect, for whatever reason, that which is harder for us to develop. Fitness buffs generally underweight meditation, and those who meditate and stretch with strong discipline rarely hit the weights well.

So let's take just five days, the next five will do, and add on something so simple that there is no reason, no excuse not to do it. It will take less than two or three minutes a day, and it WILL trigger change.
For the fitness buffs who have neglected their meditation, balance out with:
—30 full deep belly breaths each morning, making sure the inhale is as deep as possible (the exhale length should not exceed the length of inhale). Stand tall. Breathe deep. Feel and sense. That's it.

For the stretchy meditators, balance out with:
—100 squats each morning, with short breaks as needed, with an emphasis on mentally connecting with your quads and glutes.

If you're off the ball and missing training AND meditation of late, do both! You're still under five minutes a day. Just start with the squats and then do the breathing. And if you're one of the few who is crushing both, ADD BOTH, for just the next five days. Add them first thing in the morning, on top of whatever else you're doing.

One of the grand insights of Weightlessness is that discomfort in a specific pillar generally betrays what we need the most. If you've been neglecting one or the other, or both...consider why.

For just the next five days go toward your discomfort, embrace it, and add just this little taster to see what a massive difference embracing your kryptonite does.
And be weightless!

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